Have you ever caught your dog sleeping in the weirdest position and wondered how could that possibly be comfortable?

Well for them it is…

Dogs sleep and sit in different positions depending on their mood.

  1. The Sprawler: This displays confidence and being comfortable in their environment. Dogs who lay like this are being submissive and vulnerable and they tend to be easy going and independent.
  2. The Super-Pup: This is usually seen in dogs that are high energy and easily motivated; this position allows them to jump up easily at any moment.
  3. The Bundle: Most dogs sleep like this to conserve body heat and also to protect all vital organs and body parts such as their limbs, throat, and face. It is the most common sleeping position and dogs who sleep like this tend to be sweet natured and gentle. 
  4. The Burrowed: These dogs usually like a lot of affection; the blankets, clothes, or pillows give them a sense of comfort and security. If your dog is anxious try giving them a fluffy blanket to curl up into to help calm them down. 
  5. The Side Sleeper: Dogs that sleep or lay in this position tend to be very loyal and happy. This shows that they are secure with themselves and their environment. 

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