WE’RE MOVING!!!….again

It’s time to embrace change with an open mind and open arms & it’s also time to start packing!

Milo will be three years old on July 31st and since I rescued him, we have moved a total of six times and this move makes seven.

That’s kind of a lot in three years and it wasn’t all by choice. This time we are moving because we wanted to find a more dog friendly area to live in.

We were lucky enough to find a room to rent that already had a girl and her two dogs living there. It has a dog door and a backyard and of course the best part it’s 100% dog friendly! There’s also a dog park and the dog beach just 10 minutes away!

So here we are, it’s moving day and we’ve got nothing packed. And of course I’m sitting here writing to you guys, because I’m excited for this change and new adventure.

Change is good. No matter how tough or stressful it is in the moment, once those emotions are gone, you’re left with something brand new. Look at it as a way to start over that aspect of your life; a second chance even. Whether you have to move, or you have to find a new job, or theres a change of heart. Whatever it is, try to flip the situation and see the good in what will come.

Moving seven times in three years is just crazy. Looking back on it, I wouldn’t want it any other way. We got to live in four different cities and were able to experience and learn so much more from it than we would have if we stayed in one spot. We met tons of great people and of course made new friends. We also were able to try out some new restaurants other than Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. (even though we always end up going there)

The best part was beginning to figure out myself and grow through the entire experience. Living with different personalities and in different areas with different cultures, can really open your eyes to who you are as a person.

Milo hates moving but loves change. Dogs get complacent just like we do and some do need a strict routine, but Milo has always been a free spirit and he gets very bored very easily, so this move is going to be a good thing for everyone. He’s now going to have two other dogs to play with and a backyard to hangout in while I’m at work!

Stay tuned to see how the move goes and what kind of tricks Milo decides to pull this time…

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