As I’m sure a majority of you all agree…
When you decide to rescue an animal, they end up rescuing you too…

The day I picked up Milo
I was as excited as could be
I drove three hours south
Even though I knew he was far from free
He needed his shots and a full check up too
Since he came from Tijuana
And was a rescue.

I signed the papers quick
Got him out of there fast
They were a high kill shelter
And I knew most of those dogs wouldn’t last…
There’s no way to save them all
But I was glad I got at least one
My Mr. Milo
Would be able to play and have some fun.

The whole ride home
His little furry face
Kept peering back at me
He was wondering where we were heading
And what kind of owner I’d turn out to be
What we both didn’t realize
Is that he would be the one
Who ended up rescuing me.



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