Sick of walking your dog around the same circle in your neighborhood and seeing the same scenery every time? Find out what you can do to change that!

It’s time to start exploring!


First you must consider where to go. There are already so many options and as we travel along, the list will keep on growing. I think today is a good day for a hike though. Agreed?

Sturtevant Falls Trail is my favorite hike to go on with my Golden Retriever, Milo, and to be honest he probably loves it more than I do. This trail is a moderate hike located near Sierra Madre, CA. It is 3.1 miles round trip. Half way through the hike you will encounter a beautiful cascading waterfall that will literally take your breathe away. This hike is accessible from November until March, so you better hurry up, get off the couch, and come see what you have been missing out on! We promise you won’t be dissapointed. The best part about this hike is that dogs are allowed! You do, however, have to keep them on a leash at all times. Unfortunately Milo complains when he’s on a leash and likes to run in all sorts of directions. He is a puppy still, so he has time to learn that I don’t like falling off cliff sides. To help control him I use a harness, which raps around his body and when you pull on the leash it pulls from his back instead of his neck.

(Tip: Make sure your dog(s) are wearing a harness. It will make it easier to control and navigate them through the trail. It is also much safer for you and your pooch!)

We always have a great time hiking and we hope you do too! Don’t forget to share your stories and tails with us by submitting them to or commenting below!

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