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Nora and Milo the Golden Retriever here! We want to encourage people to try new things and go to new places with their furry companion. We believe it is good to stay active and outdoors as much as possible and want to give our readers a place to come to; when they don’t know where else to go. You can find, what we consider, the best places to take your dog(s) for a few hours or make a trip out of it.

I decided to create a blog designed towards people who don’t know many dog-friendly places and would like to learn about all of the choices they have, along with other fun activities they can do with their animals.

As I love all types of adventures, I wanted to encourage and inspire others to go out more and explore places they didn’t even knew existed.

We also would love to hear your stories about your adventures and the places you have gone with your pooch. Contact us at thecaliforniacanine@gmail.com and submit your tails. Each month we will feature one of your stories, so don’t forget to send them in!


Nora and Milo the Golden Retriever